Week 1



Welcome and overview of the program
Weigh-in & measurements
Goal settings
Dr Tri Cao - General Practitioner

This meeting will welcome you into the clinic and
provide an overview of the 8-week program,
what to expect. You will set your "What, Why, How" goals for the next 8 weeks.

Week 2



Lifestyle changes for healthy weight loss
Miguel Quintero - Lifestyle Adviser

This meeting will focus on holistic approach of
healthy weight loss and lifestyle changes. You will plan for your next week schedules including your "me-time".

Week 3



Meal Planning Workshop

Dr Tri Cao

This meeting will focus on diet and its role in
 weight control. You will plan your next week meals  in according to Australian Dietitian Guidelines

Week 4



Physical activities  for healthy weight loss and fitness
Chris Ftinogiannis- Exercise Physiologist
Adelaide Exercise Physiology

This meeting will focus on daily physical activities
for fitness and healthy weight loss. You will plan for your next week incidental exercise and work out.

Week 5



Dealing with stress and set back, emotional awareness- Non-hungry eating
Elvira Kovacs - Mental Health Clinician
Northern Well Being

This meeting will focus on stress, set back and how
to recognise and overcome the challenges.  You will
 meet "your inner self" and review your "Why" goal.

Week 6



Self-motivation and group fitness
Louanna Hacket-Exercise Physiologist

Funlife Fitness Centre

This meeting will focus on self-motivation and how to enjoy your journey at any stage

Week 7


Show and tell: hidden fat and sugar- reading food label

Miguel Quintero

Show and tell: hidden fat and sugar

Week 8



Learning from other stories
Reviewing your journey.
Miguel Quintero – Lifestyle Adviser

Dr Tri Cao – GP

Time to share your tricks and traps in the journey.
Time to share your stories and experience.

How does Living Lite Clinic all work?

Each Week for Living Lite Clinic,

  1. See Nhi to
    1. Collect measurements (height, weight, waist, Blood Pressure, water % etc);
    2. Conduct simple fitness test (twice during the 8 week program);
    3. Help you stay motivated
  1. See Dr Tri Cao
    1. Set goals and check food diary;
    2. Discuss individual weight clinic needs;
    3. Help you stay motivated
  1. Each night sit down for the interactive presentation at 7pm by our Health Professionals;


What is the Presentation all about?

At 7pm during the 8 weeks, a health professional will give you helpful hints in meeting your goals and to help you along the journey.  They will also to bust any myths you might have about what a Dietician, Mental health clinician, Exercise Physiologist or Lifestyle advisor conduct their consults. The types of conditions they treat and most importantly how they can help you.

Motivational SMS

Dr Tri and our health professionals will send thru a motivational SMS around Friday during the 8 weeks.

If we don’t have your mobile number, please let us know.

Don’t have a set time?

Speak to Nhi or one of our receptionists to let them know a time to come in to see the Nurse and Dr Tri for the Living Lite Clinic.

We will do our best to accommodate your time. Our aim is to spread your appointments from 4:30pm to ensure that we see you and don’t keep you waiting too long.

Please do understand that sometimes, it’s beyond our control on how long it can take to see the doctor and do apologize for any delays.

We will be sending a reminder SMS with your time for your Living Lite Clinic time with Dr Tri and the nurses the day before.  The presentation time will always start at 7pm.

Do I have to be here for the whole 3 hours?

We spread the consults over the 3 hours, so that we don’t overwhelm ourselves.  If you have an early appointment with the nurse and Dr Tri and you do live nearby you can go home and comeback for the presentation at 7pm. You are also free to stay in the waiting room. This was a common practice with previous participants.

Why do we do it?

Our aim is to ensure that our community has a better health literacy and understand the risks that we all face with our health.

Remember, it’s a journey that we wish you will benefit from and improve the way we live our lives.

Any questions,  please speak to Nhi. on 8359 4222