Experienced Doctors in Pooraka

At Montague Farm Medical Centre in Pooraka, we know it can often be difficult to confide very personal issues to anyone, let alone a total stranger. However, our skilled Doctors are very approachable, respectful, and always strive to provide the very best medical services for all our patients. We offer complete confidentiality and treat all of your concerns with dignity and respect.

Professional Care

We keep our doctors up to date with the latest medical innovations, discoveries and treatments. Change happens at a rapid pace within our industry, so we need to be constantly aware of what is going on in the field in order to provide the most accurate and reliable medical services. Contact Montague Farm Medical Centre in Pooraka for professional health care from our team of experienced doctors. Please see below for details of the staff at our centre in Pooraka.

GPs at Montague Farm Medical Centre

Dr Pathmaranee Janarthanan - GP at Pooraka

Dr Pathmaranee Janarthanan

Dr Pat graduated in 1984, and has a keen interest in Woman’s and Children’s health and antenatal shared care. Fluent in Tamil.

Dr Tri Cao - GP at Pooraka

Dr Tri Cao

Dr Cao graduated in 1996 and she has an interest in musculoskeletal medicine and skin lesion removal. Fluent in Vietnamese.

Dr Jaya P Jayachakaran - GP at Pooraka

Dr Jaya P Jayachakaran

Dr Jaya is a fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has special interest in Men's health, sexual health and chronic disease management. Dr Jaya has vast experience in Emergency Medicine and he has completed diploma in Emergency Medicine with Australian College for Emergency Medicine. Dr Jaya works as senior emergency physician at South Coast District Hospital and also at Modbury Hospital. He is a Medical educator for Ultrasound scan training for rural GPs and also for the Diploma (Emergency) candidates. Fluent in Tamil and Sinhala.

Dr Babu Kambanbabu - GP at Pooraka

Dr Babu Kambanbabu

Dr.Babu joined us in July 2017 .His special interests include, Skin Cancer ,Surgery, Palliative Care and Obesity. Fluent in Tamil. 


Dr Fiona de Meyrick - GP at Pooraka, Surgery in Pooraka

Dr Fiona de Meyrick

Dr Fiona graduated from the Universdity of Adelaide in 2014 and completed her hospital trainng at Modbury and Royal Adelaide Hospitals. She has an interest in Women's Health, contraception and chronic disease mangement.

Dr Rushanthi Pereira - GP at Pooraka, Surgery in Ingle Farm

Dr Rushanthi Pereira

Dr Rushanthi graduated from Australian National University in 2011. Over the last couple of years she worked at the Flinders Medical Centre adult and pediatric emergency departments. She has an interest in Pediatrics and completed the Diploma of Child Health in 2016. She also has an interest in Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Travel Medicine, Dermatology and Minor Procedures.

Dr William Moore - GP at Pooraka

Dr William Moore

New Male GP

Dr.William graduated  from Flinders University in 1994. He  has great interest in  orthopaedics and minor surgeries.